Intel's 'PC Does What?' Campaign Goes Live

By 08:22 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

Who'd have thought you'd see some of the top Personal Computer (PC) OEMs come together and promote the Personal Computer (PC) as a brand. But then, with falling sales and interest in the once popular personal computer space, companies are now tripping over each other to try and revive the segment again.

The result is this, Intel's 'Personal Computer (PC) does what?' campaign, made in collaboration with Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The campaign focuses on showing you all the different things your Personal Computer (PC) can do, and they already have a bunch of videos for that. Most of these are somewhat cringe-inducing and clearly Intel is no Apple when it comes to showing features in a meaningful, relatable way and instead chose an over the top exaggerated ad campaign that people are less likely to respond to. But if you see past the absurdity, you might just see some actual, clever features.

The company also has a website with a single page, and wants you to come back on October 19. Maybe we will see more then.

You can see all the five videos in the playlist below.



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