Garmin Has Three New Smartwatches That Running Enthusiasts Will Love

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Garmin is far from recent on the smart wearable scene and the company does have its own signature twist. When it comes to such tech, Garmin makes sure to build on its extensive expertise in outdoor activities and fitness.

The latest additions to its Forerunner device family are definitely no exception. Garmin just introduced three recent models, specifically geared towards runners – a top-of-the-line Forerunner 630 model, as well as the more affordable 235 and 230.

The Forerunner 630 is the successor to the 620 and it is now packed with even more sensors for data collecting and analysis. This includes things like stride length and vertical ratio, expanding on the existing cadence and oscillation metrics. All the data is put to fine use, calculating recovery times, lactate thresholds, the all-vital VO2 metric and even giving warnings for runner condition to limit the risk of injury.

Interestingly enough, the Forerunner 630 has forgone the optical heart-rate sensor in place of a chest strap one. That does create sense, as the latter is a lot more accurate and if you are truly after pro-level performance, the sensor shouldn't really be a deal breaker. The tracker has also gotten a lot more useful while not exercising thanks to notification visualization from a connected smartphone, running the updated Garmin app.

And if you really miss the handy wrist heartrate sensor, the Forerunner 235 has you covered. It has it built in, just like its predecessor, the 225, but there are small differences between the two - the updated model has ditched the Mio sensor for an in-houtilize one, dubbed "Elevate heart rate technology". The 235 also has the aforementioned notification features and can estimate VO2.

Last comes the Forerunner 230. It is mostly identical to the 235 model, minus the optical heart-rate sensor. It was replaced with a conventional chest strap one instead.

All three watches are already up for purchase, but they do have a hefty price tag. The Forerunner 630 will set you back $399.99 for the tracker alone or $449.99, bundled with a heart-rate monitor. The 235 and 230 are priced at $329.99 and $249.99, respectively.

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