Top 10 Trending Phones Of Week 43

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Samsung's budget-friendly "J" series reigns supreme in our top ten chart for yet another week. The Galaxy J7 has remained the most tantalizing offer and takes the first spot for a third week in a row now. It is followed closely by the J5, but this time around, the Xaiomi Redmi Note 2 has undergone a striking spike in interest and is now runner-up, leaving the J5 in third place.

The Redmi Note 2 has already broken numerous sales records on its home market and has contributed immensely to Xiaomi's rise in China. Now, with rumors of a Mi 5 coming shortly, MIUI 7 and the company's upcoming October 27 event, interest for the value handset is apparently rising yet again.

Further down the list, we find small movement. The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is still basking in plentiful fan love and is just where we left it a week ago in fourth place. The same goes for the Galaxy Note5, which despite its still limited international availability remains among the select few flagships sill in the top 10 at sixth.

The iPhone 6s has gone up in the ranks some and now has fifth place, followed closely by the LG Nexus 5X – a recent arrival to the ladder. The Sony Xperia Z5 is still hanging on the chart at eight place and so is the Galaxy S6, which is dangerously close to drop out for a second week in a row. Finally, the Moto G (3rd gen) completes the list at 9th position.

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