HTC RE On Sale For $50

By 02:17 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

The HTC RE didn't exactly set sales charts on fire, which probably doesn't come as a surprise considering its rather niche nature.

Now, HTC is offering a rather hefty discount on the small camera, bringing the price down to $50. If you ever considered purchasing one then this should be a fine enough reason for you to create the jump. But if it didn't quite convince you the first time around, it's unlikely to change your mind now.

In case you aren't aware, the RE is a compact capturing camera from HTC. It has no display and not much of an interface. You interact with the couple of buttons on the device, one of them being the large shutter button on top. The RE is meant for spontaneous shots and not really for those who like to compose and setup their shots before capturing. The capturing camera pairs with your phone to transfer images and you can utilize your phone as a viewfinder at a pinch but it would just be easier to shoot with your phone, not to mention the RE image quality isn't exactly great. If all of that seems fine to you somehow, then it's available at the lowest price so far.

Before rushing to buy one, don't foracquire to check out our comprehensive HTC RE review




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