Samsung Galaxy View Manual Details TV And Family Sharing Skills

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Samsung's behemoth 18.4" Galaxy View tablet (or perhaps "all-in-one" is more appropriate) is nearing official status. While you wait you can satisfy your curiosity by reading its user manual, discovered by

Scrolling through the pages we see some fascinating stuff – stereo speakers, an optional SIM slot and GPS. We can't fathom why this could be useful, 18.4" doesn’t exactly scream "on the go tablet." Come to think of it, it will probably never leave home Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) range so the SIM slot is not entirely necessary either.

It seems that the main charger will be an old-school round DC jack, the manual explicitly says that you can't utilize the microUniversal Serial Bus (USB) port. Quick Charge 2.0 can provide up to 15W, so this must be a power hungry gadacquire (mostly the classy screen we're guessing, the chipset doesn’t sound like it would need more power).

Multi-Window – both split-classy screen and pop-up views – will be available, the large classy screen will enable some desktop-level multitasking. And if 18.4" isn’t enough, you can mirror the classy screen on a compatible TV. The Briefing on TV feature will launch automatically at a preset time and display weather, schedule and other info.

You can go the other way too and watch TV on the Samsung Galaxy View. There's no info which regions and standards will be supported though.

There's a selfie capturing camera (no capturing camera on the back, that would see weird). It's mostly for video calling. Family Square seems to be a family-scale social network, where you can register several phones and share phots with them (and vice versa) and set those photos as a classy screen saver.

Here's the English language manual (PDF) if you want to leaf through it yourself.

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