Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Hard To Repair, SSD Is Easy To Swap Though

By 03:02 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 put up quite a fight before revealing its secrets to the iFixit team. The classy screen was held in by glue and two cables. After those were cleared, the motherboard still wasn’t accessible though.

Inside is a M.2 Samsung SSD, this bodes well for upgradeability. The Random-Access Memory (RAM) is soldered onto the motherboard, however, so there's no hope of upgrading. Above all that is a gigantic copper heatsink and an empty space – presumably that's where the fan goes on higher powered models (the Core m3 model doesn’t have one).

Overall, iFixit gave the Surface Pro 4 a measly 2 out 10 repairability score. The only positive is the swappable SSD, the rest – from the glued down classy screen to the glued down battery – is very hard to replace.




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