Microsoft Removes Unlimited Storage On OneDrive, Reduces Capacities Across The Board

By 06:04 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

If you are a heavy user of Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service, you are not going to love this.

Microsoft has announced that it is getting rid of the unlimited storage option for Office 365 Home, Personal, or University subscribers. The storage is now limited to 1TB.

Additionally, 100GB and 200GB plans will no longer be available to recent users, and will be replaced with a 50GB plan for $1.99 per month from 2016.

Lastly, free OneDrive storage has been dropped from 15GB to just 5GB for all users. The 15GB capturing camera storage bonus has also been dropped. This will be effective starting 2016.

For existing Office 365 customers, if you have over 1Tera Bytes (TB) of data stored, you have 12 months to find that data a recent home before it is deleted. Same for free users with over 5GB of data. Users of 100GB and 200GB plans will not be affected.

So why did Microsoft decide to do this all of a sudden? The company's reason is that some people were misusing the unlimited storage options by backing up entire movie collections and DVR recordings, amounting to as much as 75Tera Bytes (TB) for some users. So basically, becautilize a small number of users were "abusing" the system ("abusing" in quotes becautilize technically Microsoft did promise 'unlimited' storage, so the people were well within their rights to upload as much content as they want), Microsoft is now gutting the storage options for all customers.

Seems fair. Not.




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