Nexus 6P Fails The Bend Test, Again

By 06:52 Wed, 28 Jul 2021 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, made a video where they put the recent Nexus 6P through a series of tests, including scratch tests for the glass, a heat test for the display, and finally a bdiscontinue test. The result of the final test was that the Nexus 6P bends like a candy bar on a warm summer day.

This didn't go down well with some people, who questioned the video's legitimacy, the method of testing, and the authenticity of the phone being used itself. So to put those questions to rest, they decided to create another video specifically focusing on the bdiscontinue test, with a brand recent device.

Spoiler alert: The phone bent just like before. The reason seems to be the utilize of dovetail joints that Huawei has used to attach plastic to aluminum, which doesn't seem to be the best way to do things. The joint breaks easily, causing the display to pop out at the first sign of stress. With the display no longer providing structural support, coupled with some weak spots in the metal and no other form of support along the sides, the metal bends cleanly in half without too much effort.

Now the thing is, as with most other bdiscontinue tests, this one shows that in extreme situations the phone won't be able to handle the stress. In most situations, though, the device is unlikely to have to go through that much stress, meaning the phone should be fine in regular use. Having assumed that, the device is still not as rigid as many of the other Android devices tested on the same channel, which, along with the recent iPhone 6s, passed their tests without any major issues, so Huawei does have some work to do before it can truly match the other brands in every way.



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