Microsoft's New App Shows How Few Of Your Android Apps Are On Windows Phone

By 05:25 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 Comments

Microsoft has released a recent app called AppComparison for Android. The purpose of this app is to show you how many of your existing Android apps are available on Windows Phone.

When you install the app, it scans your phone to find all the installed apps. Then it asks you to choose the category of apps you are most interested in. Then it will show you all the apps on Windows Phone that have a direct equivalent to the apps installed on your phone, or the nearest equivalent (HERE Maps for Google Maps, etc.).

As you can tell, not a lot of the Android apps have direct equivalents on Windows Phone, although you could find some similar ones. Unfortunately, even if the app does show a seemingly long list of identical or similar apps to the ones you have installed, it says nothing about the quality of those apps. Instagram, for example, is still in an extremely outdated beta stage on Windows Phone, Twitter app is also incredibly outdated, Snapchat doesn't even have an app on Windows Phone, and neither does Google for any of its services.

The unfortunate side effect of this app then is that it further illustrates the massive gaps in terms of app quantity and quality between Android and Windows Phone, which doesn't do Microsoft's platform any favors. Microsoft had made a similar app in the past called 'Switch to Windows Phone' and it didn't work so well back then, either.

Windows Phone has many strengths, and apps isn't one of them. Microsoft would do well by focusing on the strengths than the weaknesses.

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