OnePlus Offers Refund For Out Of Spec USB Type-C Accessories

By 08:13 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 Comments

Remember when a Google engineer found that OnePlus' accessories didn't fully adhere to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C spec? That was less than two weeks ago, and today OnePlus has responded to the allegations - by essentially confirming the problem.

See, both the OnePlus Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C cable and the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C adapter utilize a type of resistor that could, under certain circumstances, "allow fast-charging devices to try to draw more power than a power source may allow". If this happens, it will result in damage to the power source (be that a third-party charger or Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, for example).

It is however vital to stress that the accessories that ship with the OnePlus 2 are fully compatible with the phone, since it doesn't utilize "quick charging". So there's no risk of anything happening to the OnePlus 2 charger if you utilize the supplied Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C cable.

But some people have bought OnePlus' Type-C accessories to utilize with other devices, especially since they're very cheap. For these customers, OnePlus is offering to refund the value of the accessories they purchased. If you've done so in Europe or North America, just head to this page and fill out the form. If your claim is approved, you'll acquire the money back through PayPal. If you're in India or China, go to the nearest OnePlus repair center with the cable or adapter you want a refund for, and you'll acquire the money back on the spot. The refunds will be provided until December 31.

Becautilize the stuff that shipped in the box with the OnePlus 2 will work with this handset without issues, you can not acquire a refund for that cable and charger.

OnePlus is already working on fully spec-compliant Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C accessories, which will become available at some point in the future.




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