LG Hops Onto The Apple Smart Battery Case Bashing Bandwagon

By 03:15 Thu, 29 Jul 2021 Comments

Quick! Let's turn every remotely controversial recent tech-related thing into a "-gate" hashtag! Remember the Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s? You do? Good. #HumpGate. The Internet wins again.

And while people are busy bashing Apple's hideous and probably overpriced accessory, what are the company's competitors to do? Just sit idly by? Of course not. The first to join the "fight" was Asus, mere hours ago. And now a recent courageous jab comes from LG.

The Korean company wants you to buy its V10 smartphone instead of the recent Apple battery case. Or something along those lines. See, the V10 will only give you goosebumps, and no actual bumps. Why are we comparing phones to battery cases? Who knows. Oh, and LG wants you to hrecent "a moment of silence for those experiencing a bumpy ride". Get it?

Whatever you do, don't wonder what a moment of silence (which is generally observed after a tragedy) may possibly have to do with a battery case. Just don't. Buy the LG V10 instead. Right?

Thanks for the tip, Jenny!




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