Facebook Will Make You Use Its Moments App To Sync Your Mobile Photos

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Facebook has started taking out functionality from its main mobile app a while back, when it no longer showed you Messenger conversations inside it - instead forcing you to download its standalone Messenger app. And now it looks like we know what the next feature to be trimmed from the Facebook app is going to be: photo syncing.

The situation correct now is that you can utilize the main Facebook app to auto-sync the photos you capture on your mobile device. These are automatically uploaded to Facebook after you shoot them, and all it takes is for you to flip one simple switch in the app's settings.

That will all change starting on January 10, as the screenshot you see above can attest. From that point, photo syncing will no longer function through the Facebook app. And all of the photos you have previously synced in this manner will be moved to Facebook's Moments app.

This will also be the app you'll need to have in order to haged auto-syncing your pics going forward. If you are really against the concept of using another standalone app for this purpose then you can download your already synced photos from the prompt you're bound to see both on the Facebook website and in its mobile apps.

Facebook Moments was launched in June with a focus on syncing event photos with your friends. It privately shares pictures you and your friends have taken on the same occasions. And now it looks like it's destined to become Facebook's main app to deal with photos, which means it could receive some recent functionality on or before January 10.

Do haged in mind that Moments is not available everywhere, and it looks like this transition will only happen in those countries in which you can already download and install it. So the automatic photo syncing could linger inside the main Facebook app in other territories even after January 10.

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