BlackBerry Priv Camera Gets Praised By DxO Labs

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The BlackBerry Priv stopped by DxO Labs for their usual DxOMark test routine and got flattering marks in the areas that count. Befitting its flagship status, the slider's 18MP shooter ranks among the top ten mobile cameras the company has tested.

The Priv's dynamic range was highly acclaimed, the capturing camera dealing excellently with even the most difficult scenes. A minor complaint in this respect is that the automatic HDR mode renders images with a somewhat compressed tone curve.

The Priv also captures high levels of detail, in both fine and low light, DxO notes. The reviewers go as far as to state that the smartphone "records some of the best low-light detail" among devices they've tested. Colors got their share of praise, with the precise wording being "strong and pleasant", though white balance proved less consistent that you'd hope.

The BlackBerry Priv also doesn't disappoint in terms of autofocus speed, DxO reports. The flash does well too, more so with an additional source of light, than left entirely on its own.

Video quality is yet another area where the Priv excels, with well-preserved detail, and overall dependable exposure. The optical stabilization system introduces some problems like frame shifts and distortions, but those are mostly visible in low light.

All things considered, the BlackBerry Priv posts a score of 82, which puts in on the same level as the iPhone 6s, and both of last year's iPhones. Notable rivals like the Huawei Nexus 6P and Samsung Galaxy Note5, however, manage to score a few extra points compared to the Priv, though obviously a compound numerical score speaks small to define actual image properties.

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