“I Love My Man But He Doesn’t Satisfy Me In The Bedroom”

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I’ve been in a

relationship for 2 years

now. We live together

and both work full-

time. He has a great

family and our families

like both of us and

both of us together.

Well, my sex life sucks.

Normally you hear men

complain about women or

their wives not giving it up.

Well in this instance it’s

completely the other way

around. We have a 7 year

age difference. He’s 30 and

I’m 23. He’s never been

married nor does he bare

any children (other qualities

that attracted me to him).

Well, when it comes to sex,

we speak a totally different

language. I’m a very sexual

and affectionate person. I

love to kiss, touch, etc.

Basically do things that

people in love and

relationships do. Well he’s

not into any of that. When it

comes to kissing, he’s a

pecker. When it comes to

touching, he doesn’t. I’m an

attractive woman so I’ve

asked numerous of times is

he still attracted to me, and

he says yes, but I couldn’t

tell from our sex life.

Let me give you

two scenarios before we

have sex or I attempt to

have sex. I’ll ask if he wants

to and he’ll make that, “I

don’t care” face. What

person do you know does

that? Then he’ll be like, “I’m

watching TV” or, “I’m tired,”

and it takes me getting upset

for him to be like, “Oh,

alright then,”.

Next scenario, we’ll be in

bed or on the couch and I’ll

initiate by kissing or touching

on him and he’s ready in a

flash, but when it comes to

turning me on or getting me

in the mood he does

nothing. He expects me to

just be ready like that. I tell

him that I’m a woman and

you have to get me in the

mood. It always falls upon

deaf ears, so needless to say

that I have to use some

hand action for myself, then

it goes down and 5 minutes

later it’s over. I then look at

him like let’s go at it again,

and he’ll be like, “Let me

rest.” I have needs also.

Everything else is okay in our

relationship except our sex

lives. I need your advice.

Should sex be a reason to

stay or leave a relationship?



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