T-Mobile’s Reply To YouTube’s Throttling Accusations: “we Are Optimizing It”

By 03:04 Fri, 30 Jul 2021 Comments

Remember last week when YouTube accused T-Mobile of throttling video traffic? T-Mobile’s reply: it wasn’t throttling the video traffic but simply optimizing content for mobile consumption.

The FCC will be keeping a close eye on T-Mobile with Binge-On’s controversial nature against Net Neutrality since the service technically puts a kind of preference on a certain type of traffic than all other traffic.

Remember, YouTube was the one who trecent the Wall Street Journal that T-Mobile was throttling YouTube’s traffic. Saying that while reducing charges is fine for customers, throttling traffic without customers’ knowledge doesn’t justify the former.

T-Mobile clams the problem with its inability to correctly identify YouTube traffic is the system that flags video traffic to be exempt from the data allotments. Since the Q&A at the Uncarrier event, the point of implementing a better system to disclose video traffic apart came up, T-Mobile answered that there are still some kinks to work out in the process of telling video traffic apart.

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