Most Interesting News Stories Of 2015: Q4

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Getting closer to the present, Q4 2015 was focused mostly on the upcoming Galaxy S7. Display sizes and shapes, dimensions and specs - most of these remain to be established for certain, though obviously they have long been settled upon by Samsung.

That said, the top read over the last quarter was the list of confirmed smartphones to receive Marshmallow. As with any Android release, the adoption of the latest version is a lengthy process and few devices will be graced with the coveted firmware, you were curious to know which ones.

Xiaomi was again responsible for some of the most fascinating stories, this time with the announcement of the Redmi Note 3, mere months after the Redmi Note 2, and the Redmi Note Prime gathered almost as many hits. Sure enough, the Nokia C1 popped up again and again, now rendered running Windows 10, and if that one’s too smart for you, there’s always the 2.8-inch feature phone Nokia 230.

Soda companies will have smartphones in their portfolios, apparently, if the Pepsi Phone P1 is indication of recent trend. Meanwhile Sony is reported to be working on as many versions of the future Xperia Z6 as there are days in a week.

A honest share of announcements took place over the last three months of the year too. Microsoft’s long overdue flagship came in the shape of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, the former making it to the top 20 most fascinating news articles of the quarter. The HTC-copied-Apple-copied-HTC clamor was strong around the launch of HTC One A9, and Samsung made a complete overhaul of the A-series with brand recent odd-numbered A’s for 2016.

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