The Samsung Gear S2 Now Has A Tasker Interface Of Its Own

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If you consider yourself an Android power-user or have ever tried to dip a foot in the wonderful realm of tech automation, then you have surely heard of Tasker. The powerful app, or rather framework has a formidable hitale of being the de factor standard for crafting and automating tasks and procedures on Google's mobile OS. Weather it is as simple as muting your volume after a given hour or as complex as toggling third-party home automation switches and devices, Tasker and its extensive library of plug-ins and advanced root-level features has you covered.

It is always exciting to see developers come up with recent ideas to extdiscontinue this endless stream of functionality and with the rising popularity of smart wearables, it only makes sense to transfer that power on to our companion devices as well. TaskS2 is a fresh recent app that invites the Samsung Gear S2 to the Tasker party. In its current state, it is what one would portray as a remote interface for Tasker on your phone. It is a small piece of code that runs on your smartwatch and allows you to see and execute the Tasker recipes stored on your handset.

It therefore enables such simple and elegant solutions like implementing custom app controls or predefined message responses, remote settings editing and generally managing any other aspect of your phone you see fit, from your wrist. The sky is the limit. In order for the smart scheme to work, you need Tasker running on your phone, which currently goes for $2.99 on the Play Store and the aforementioned TaskS2, for an additional $0.99. The only other real setup, necessary to create the two play together is going to Tasker -> Preferences -> Misc and ticking Allow External Access.

And yes, we are aware that Tasker integration is nothing recent in the Android Wear realm, with apps like WearTasker and AutoWear taking the concept to the next level and enabling automation of smartwatch settings, just like the ones on your phone.

Still, TaskS2 is a splendid first step into the Tasker world for Samsung's latest smartwatch and definitely adds even more possibilities to its already amazingly extensive library of features, which you can read more about in our in-depth review.

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