Analogix Introduces An Updated NANO CONSOLE Dock With SlimPort Video Output Through HDMI

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Well, here is the recent SlimPort NANO CONSOLE USB-C for Mobile Devices with Universal Serial Bus (USB) Type-C Connectors from Analogix, along with a photo and there is no denying that it looks pretty. But, if that cryptic title left you a small lost as to what exactly this small red and white box does, then here is the short story.

The device is essentially intended to act as dock for your portable device and output video from it through an HDMI port, while also providing an Universal Serial Bus (USB) input for peripherals (most-likely a keyboard and mouse). The detachable top part is simply a Bluetooth remote that can have some convenient uses in multimedia consumption.

If this sounds terribly familiar to Microsoft's Continuum, it is (minus the dedicated Windows 10 desktop UI, that is). In fact, from a technical standpoint, the device is similar to an MHL dock or cable, for example, like the one offered by Samsung and achieves the same discontinue goal, only not thorough MHL, but rather the alternative SlimPort technology.

SlimPort is most-notably supported by Nexus devices, dating back to the Nexus 4 and a lot of LG phones as an alternative to having MHL, so if you own one of the model, listed on the slimportconnect website, then this is your solution to outputting video, along with a Universal Serial Bus (USB) input or at least one of Analogix's products is.

Unlike previous accessories, the recent NANO CONSOLE utilizes a USB-Type C connector, instead of a micro-USB, which is supposedly futureproof. This means that it is compatible with USB-Type C devices that have SlimPort, which by our best estimate, currently includes only the latest Nexus pair.

Like MHL, SlimPort offers support for video output up to 4K at 30 frames, with MHL advancing further to include 7.1 surround sound and DHCP 2.2 content protection in its 3.0 speck. SlimPort, on the other hand, seems to be more versatile by design – as an implementation of the Mobility DisplayPort standard, it can actually output to Display Port devices, HDMI, DVI and Video Graphics Array (VGA) (up to 720p). But, we already drifted way too much into the technical details. Back to the point.

The SlimPort NANO CONSOLE USB-C will start shipping in Q2 2016 and there is no word yet on pricing. So, if you were wondering about a video out solution for your recent Nexus, be sure to haged Analogix in mind.

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