Samsung Fixes Galaxy Note5, A Wrongly Inserted S-Pen No Longer Breaks It

By 02:58 Fri, 30 Jul 2021 Comments

The Galaxy Note5 launch was followed by some peculiar complaints, about the iconic S-Pen. In case you've already forgotten the whole fiasco, we shall give you the quick tour.

The S-Pen of the Galaxy Note5 could be inserted backwards in its slot, which may not be something many people will do on purpose, but as it turned out eventually lots of people did. Either by accident, or caught up by the wide media coverage - thousands of people got their S-Pen stuck in the slot backwards. This led Samsung to sdiscontinue some special tools to the service center for safely removing the stuck pens.

Unfortunately, those who tried to acquire it out by themselves, often broke the S-Pen detection mechanism and thus rendered their S-Pen a pointless stick.

If you broke your Galaxy Note5, or already own it, we are sorry, but an official Samsung support center is your only solution.

But if you are about to buy a Note5 correct now, we have some fine news. Apparently Samsung has pre-installed a failsafe mechanism, which will allow you to extract the S-Pen safely if inserted backwards.

The company has upgraded the mechanism without an official announcement. Previously the company assumed that this wasn't really an issue and urged customers to read the manual, while denying the device a fix.

We are glad to see Samsung has addressed the issue and the recent adopters won't be threatened with the possibility of breaking their Note5. As for the earlier buyers - well if your Note5 lasted until now, you are probably safe, but still watch how you insert that S-Pen.




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