Poll: Galaxy Note5 Vs IPhone 6s Plus Vs Lumia 950 XL

By 06:46 Fri, 30 Jul 2021 Comments

The droids battled it out last week, now it's time for the clash of the platforms. And it's as if we anticipated your vote on the previous poll and picked just the correct droid to pit against the iPhone 6s Plus and the Lumia 950 XL - the Galaxy Note5.

The trio represents the best the three OS's have to offer, and in a way makes for the ultimate shootout - the winner is to be crowned the best smartphone, period. Okay, such absolutes are obviously flawed, as no one phone can work for everyone, we know that. But we now set on to find out which of the three you like the most.

Is it the iPhone with its rich ecosystem, high-performance chipset and 3D touch? Alternatively, you can pick the Lumia 950 XL on the grounds of Continuum, a high-res capturing camera and near color-perfect display? Or will the Galaxy Note5 snatch this one thanks to a balanced all-round performance, plus an S-Pen?

A week of voting starts now, go ahead and hit the thumbs-up on your favorite of the three.



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