Facebook's New Like Button Reactions Are Rolling Out To A Device Near You

By 03:42 Sat, 31 Jul 2021 Comments

If you are or have ever been on Facebook (let's face it, who hasn't) then you surely know of the pivotal Like button - the perfect millisecond gesture for expressing anything from acknowledgement to plain out mockery, while remaining perfectly vague to confutilize mostly everybody involved.

Well, you are definitely not the only one in the know about this ambiguity and the social giant has finally decided to address it with a slew of various reaction icons to complement the fine recent thumbs up (but rest assured, it is still there ... thank god). Actually, Facebook has been testing the recent emoticons for quite some time in select places, Spain and Ireland to be exact, and now feels it has the perfect set of options to roll out globally.

The reactions include "love," "haha," "wow," "sad," and "angry" and come in the shape of recent icons hidden away under the like button, so to say. What this means is that the Like button is still center stage, but if you long press it on mobile or hover on a PC, the other options will be revealed. So now you can be sympathetic to those all to common grim Facebook status updates without beeing too creepy (the recent likes sadly don't do anything to fix the innate awkwardness of such posts in the first place, but hey, we can't be too nitpicky).



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