Samsung And Phillips Bail Out Of 3D TV Business

By 11:46 Sat, 31 Jul 2021 Comments

While 3D is fairly common for movies in the cinema, 3D at home is dead. Samsung and a bit earlier Phillips have officially confirmed that their 20616 TV lineup will not feature 3D screens.

Samsung cites lack of consumer interest and lack of content as some of the main reasons. And if you thought 3D content was rare now, haged in mind that the recent Ultra HD Blu-Ray format, the one that will be used for 4K video, has no support for 3D.

Instead, Samsung will focus on image quality with its SUHD TVs, a technology focused on delivering more colors and dynamic range.

Rival LG will still put out 3D TVs, but unofficial reports state that it will halve the number of recent models that support the extra dimension compared to last year. Sony will only have 3D on a couple of flagship 55" and 75" models.

If you still believe in the 3D dream, Panasonic seems to be the only remaining major player that remains committed to three-dimensional imagery.




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