Weekly Poll: Apple IPhone SE, Hot Or Not?

By 10:51 Sun, 01 Aug 2021 Comments

The Apple iPhone SE sparked a debate in our office - some sighed "finally! a compact flagship" others shook their heads, saying "5+ inches or bust."

Apple's tagline for the 4" phone is "A gigantic step for small," contrast that with the "Bigger than bigger" subheading of the 5.5" iPhone 6(s) Plus. It is more or less an iPhone 6s guts inside an iPhone 5s body (well, except for the Touch ID, 3D Touch and selfie camera).

The upgrades over the 5s - which many still consider a fine enough phone - include a 12MP capturing camera with 4K video, the new, faster A9 chipset with double the Random-Access Memory (RAM) and Apple Pay. Okay, upgrades don't "include" those things, this is pretty much all there is.

Fair is fair, though, we thought Apple was going to price it from $500 for the 16GB - it's how much the 5s cost when the 6 was announced. And while we can't recommdiscontinue the 16GB iPhone SE, the 64GB model is $500, so it works out better than expected.

So, will the iPhone SE push the holdouts to upgrade - 4/4S/5/5s users? Will those who tried the bigger iPhone 6(s) and didn't like them switch back. Will Android users who are unexcited about the platform's general lack of "super minis"? In short, iPhone SE - hot or not?



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