Canonical And Microsoft Are Working To Bring Ubuntu To Windows 10

By 01:01 Sun, 01 Aug 2021 Comments

Yes, that is correct, as per industry sources, Canonical - the company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution and Microsoft have partnered up to integrate Ubuntu into Windows 10.

By all accounts, this won't be done through the utilize of virtual machines, nor containers, which still seem to be in development within project Barcelona. Rather, the concept is to bring over the Bash shell experience, along with all of its powerful console tools, to run on top of Windows libraries and the Linux subsystem, introduced in the recent Windows 10 Redstone build.

While running Bash on Windows is in no way a recent concept, having it integrated within the Operating System (OS) is a whole different thing, which will surely clear the way for many recent powerful Linux tools on the platform.

This might not be all too exciting for regular Windows users, of course, other than some potential UI modding, if desktop environments like Unity, Gnome, KDE and the like become available as well. However, it is a go aimed squarely at increasing the popularity of Windows 10 as a powerful development environment.




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