LG G5 Torture Tests Come Online, It Turns Out Quite Sturdy

By 02:46 Sun, 01 Aug 2021 Comments

LG G5 went on sale just yesterday and it was inevitable for the flagship to pass through various torture tests for the cameras. The G5 got scratched, burnt with a lighter, and then bent for the public to enjoy.

As expected the LG G5 doesn't bdiscontinue easily as it's actually a chunk of metal, except for the whatever accessory is inserted within the Magic Slot - this will surrender rather easy.

The scratch test revealed the LG G5 is actually covered by a thin layer of plastic. This process of applying small color particles on metal surface is called microdizing and allows for hiding the antenna bands within the paint.

LG actually talked about this - the layer some consider as plastic is actually a rather thick ply of paint, so we think LG hasn't lied about the metal, nor has misled on the microdizing thing - the paint is indeed hiding the antennas.

So, the LG G5 is not that prone to bending, though you can easily bdiscontinue the bottom becautilize it's detachable. It does endure classy screen scratches up to a certain point, but the rear is a lot easier to scratch becautilize it's actually paint.

The teardown video reveals the LG G5 is easy to open and repair and shows its accurate metal nature.

We already published our LG G5 review based on a pre-production unit, but the retail unit has just arrived in our office so you should stay tuned for an update early next week.




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