LG Hi-Fi Plus With B&O Play DAC Module For The G5 Won't Be Sold In The US, Canada, Or Korea

By 07:29 Sun, 01 Aug 2021 Comments

You may know that LG's been making a gigantic fuss about how its G5 is the first 'modular smartphone'. And you probably also know that alongside the G5 itself the company unveiled some accessories or standalone gadgets it's calling Friends of the G5. That said, only two of those actually have anything to do with the supposed revolutionary 'modular' system - the Cam Plus capturing camera grip that also comes with an extended battery, and the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play DAC, which should give you better quality audio than the phone itself can.

Well, in a go that makes small sense, it seems that LG has decided not to sell the B&O Hi-Fi DAC in the US, Canada, or Korea. All mentions of the accessory have been removed from the company's websites for these countries, and it doesn't appear on the LG Friends pages either. It's like it never existed in those regions at all.

Apparently the packaging for the module also confirms that it won't be available in North America or Korea, but it's unclear why. It is however still available internationally. One thing is certain, though - it's pretty rich to call a smartphone 'modular' if there's only one additional plug-in module you're offering for it.

Hopefully this is more of a delay and not a situation where the accessory won't ever be offered in the aforementioned places, but if that's the case then removing it from its websites altogether seems like quite an overreaction on LG's part.




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