LG Wants Developers To Create Some More Friends For The G5

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When you're marketing a smartphone as being 'modular' while only actually offering up one additional plug-in module for it in some markets, you know you've got a problem. And thankfully LG seems to have realized it's in this exact situation with the G5 and its so-called Friends.

At the unveiling of the handset, the Korean company also presented two plug-in Friends, the Cam Plus and the Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play (yet only the former will be available in all of the G5's launch markets). Now though it wants developers to come up with more such modules for the G5.

For that purpose, LG is holding a developer-focused event in San Francisco on April 15 (which is this Friday). That's where it will show people how to create hardware that's compatible with the G5. The company also plans to launch a dedicated online marketplace for the G5 Friends, helping devs sell the products they come up with.

There's a pretty gigantic caveat here, though. LG won't simply be allowing anyone to create an accessory for the G5. In fact, you'll need to co-develop your product with the Korean smartphone maker. LG says it will "carefully review all submitted ideas and select the best ones to be co-developed by LG and the concept proposer together based on the mutual agreement". And if you're wondering why it feels the need to be a part of the process, it's all becautilize any such plug-in accessory "affects smartphone's performance and design significantly".

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