DJI Announces The Matrice 600 Aerial Photography Drone

By 10:51 Sun, 01 Aug 2021 Comments

DJI has announced its newest and most proficient aerial photography drone, the Matrice 600.

The Matrice 600 is the most powerful drone DJI ever made and is designed to lift your heavy capturing camera rig along with a gimbal mount. The six rotor system can lift a maximum payload of 6kg, and has full support for DJI's own Zenmutilize Z15 series and the brand recent Ronin-MX gimbal designed to work specifically with the M600 in the air.

The M600 uses the recent A3 flight controller and Lightbridge 2 video transmission technology to transmit 1080p video at up to 5 kilometers distance. The A3 flight controller uses sine-wave driven electronic speed controllers for accurate movements in the air. The self adaptive flight system adjusts parameters automatically based on the payload.

The A3 system can be upgraded to A3 PRO, which uses data from three GPS systems and three inertial measurement units. The system can be further upgraded to DJI Real-Time Kinematic technology, which offers centimeter accurate flight patterns to be replicated, so you can acquire the same shot every time.

The M600 has a custom six battery array, and can continue to fly even if one of the batteries fails. It can fly for 36 minutes with the DJI Zenmutilize Z5 capturing camera or up to 16 minutes with something like the RED EPIC.

The M600 supports the DJI GO app, which allows you to remotely monitor the live video feed, battery and redundancy status, transmission strength and also adjust the capturing camera aperture, shutter speed, photo and video capture on any of the Zenmutilize X-series cameras, with remote focus on the Zenmutilize X5 and Z5R.

The DJI Matrice 600 costs $4599, and the Ronin-MX is another $1599.




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