MotoMods Help The Moto Z Get More Battery Life, Pump Out Better Sounding Music, Or Project Onto A Wall

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The biggest unique selling point for the newly outed Moto Z and Moto Z Force has nothing to do with the devices themselves. That's becautilize Lenovo thinks it can bring something entirely recent to the smartphone party with MotoMods.

These are the modular accessories that snap onto the backs of the Z and the Z Force. They connect through those 16 small pins you can see on the lower side of the handsets' rears, and they stay put by the power of magnets.

Lenovo has presented a few MotoMods, but it's also asking eager developers to participate and create their own. The simplest of mods are the so called Style Shells, which don't do anything special and are all about the materials used. You can pick from real wood, leather, or a patterned fabric for example, in order to create your Moto Z that much more unique.

The JBL Soundboost, on the other hand, adds two 3W speakers to the back of your phone. And once you've snapped this accessory in, music will automatically start playing on its speakers, there's nothing else you need to fiddle with. The speakers have 27mm diameter each, and 200 Hz - 20 Kilo Hertz (KHz) frequency response. What's more, the Soundboost has an additional 1,000 mAh cell to boost your Z's battery life.

If more battery power is all you're after, then the Incipio Offgrid power pack is for you, with 2,220 mAh to add to what your Z or Z Force already packs inside. This will also be available in a version that has built-in support for wireless charging (Qi and PMA compatible).

Finally, the InstaShare projector is just that - a pico-projector built into a MotoMod case. It can project whatever is on your phone's display into a 70" gigantic screen. Then again, the projected images only have 854x480 resolution, so do expect to count some pixels here and there. The projector also has a built-in battery, this time we're talking about 1,100 mAh. This should reportedly add up to an hour of projection time.

Expect all of these accessories to become available alongside the Moto Z and Moto Z Force this summer in the US and starting in the descend everywhere else.



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