Video Shows The OnePlus 3 Struggling To Take Advantage Of Its 6GB Of RAM

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We all know that bigger numbers see remarkable on promotional materials and there is generally nothing incorrect with getting more RAM, storage and other resources for your cash. However, if you are recent enough, you likely remember the so called "bit wars" that raged on for a while on the console scene - definitely a perfect illustration of what can happen when tech advancements acquire featured in marketing first and functionally perfected later, if at all.

Similarly, having 6GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) on devices like the recent OnePlus 3 is great, simply becautilize you acquire more for your money. But as most skeptics on the subject will disclose you, it's not just about the amount, but how well you utilize it and that is definitely true. The short video, courtesy of YouTube user C4ETech shows that the OnePlus 3 appears to currently be stuck in such an awkward situation - it has more than enough Random-Access Memory (RAM) to go around, but can't cope with keeping apps in memory, probably due to overly aggressive memory management.

The test itself is far from scientific, but is works remarkable in illustrating the thing discontinue users would really care about - how fine the handset handles a daily usage pattern. The clip shows both the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the recent OnePlus device opening a sequence of apps then closing them. However, it the second round, the phones are asked to pull up the same apps to see which and how many they have managed to haged in memory.

The results are quite embarrassing for the OnePlus 3. Not only was it slower to respond and load most things than the Samsung, but it also did a lot worse in storing active apps and had to reload most of them on the second run. This is definitely not the behavior one would expect from a 6GB device, especially when compared to a unit that has 2GB less at its disposal.

What is even more surprising, however, is that previous OnePlus devices haven't had problems with memory management. So, hopefully, the Chinese manufacturer can smooth things out quickly with a software update and let its us utilize the full potential of the spacious memory.

Still, with 10-core ARM chipsets now a reality and rumors of 8GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) on mobile already appearing online, this should be taken as a vivid and timely reminder that users should be just as concerned, if not more with proper software and support, as with hardware when choosing a recent device.

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