Tweak Helps OnePlus 3 Better Manage Its 6GB Of RAM

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While other flagships of the year max out at about 4GB of RAM, the recently announced OnePlus 3 surpasses this feat with a whopping 6GB of RAM. While 6GB of Random-Access Memory (RAM) may not be a requirement for a smartphone to run well, OnePlus decided to go with 6GB anyway.

The tweak should only be performed by users who know what they are doing, editing the build.prop file to be exact. If you wish for your OnePlus 3 to hold better advantage of its Random-Access Memory (RAM) management, you can edit the build.prop value for “reading ro.sys.fw.bg_apps_limit=20” to 36 or 42 each showing similar gains in performance.

Early tests of the OnePlus 3’s Random-Access Memory (RAM) management and overall performance showed signs of definite opportunity for better taking advantage of all 6GB of RAM. These same tests showed that the OnePlus 3 was being a bit too aggressive with Random-Access Memory (RAM) management, killing off apps too prematurely.

It is assumed that performing this tweak lets the OnePlus 3 handle just under twice as many apps loaded into the memory. When it was brought up to him on Twitter, Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, defended the strategy, saying that it benefits the battery life and is intended for the user’s best experience.

In addition to this, Carl Pei says that anyone who disagrees with the way it was programmed is free to modify as they wish. The OnePlus 3 does have an unlockable bootloader, so developers are free to modify and build ROMs as they please.

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