Here Are All Official OnePlus 3 Cases [HANDS-ON]

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So, the excitement got to you and you just couldn't wait a second longer to order the OnePlus 3. If you are reading this, chances are you've either already ordered one or you are seriously considering the $399 flagship.

In either case, picking a case for extra protection of the phone's exquisite metal body sure sounds like a nice idea.

We have gathered here the case lineup that OnePlus has prepared for its latest phone. Sure, prices might be steeper than third-party alternatives, but you do acquire a classy and high-quality case to complement the phones gorgeous design. Or do you? Join us as we attempt to find out.

First, let's acquire the basics out of the way. Regardless of the names and finish on most of the cases that clearly recommdiscontinue the utilize of wood, there seem to be no natural materials involved in any of the models - not by the looks of it. Don't acquire us wrong, this is remarkable from an environmental standpoint, but we can't assist but think some actual bamboo or rose wood would have felt a lot classier.

As things stand correct now, all the cases seem to be made of a plastic compound that feels pretty durable and has some flex to it, but not too much. They all fit perfectly and snfrightful and share the same general shape that covers all corners all the way to the front, so the level of protection and handling are pretty identical.

Four of the five cases, including the Bamboo, Black Apricot, Rosewood and Karbon are made by Evutec - a popular US case manufacturer, who's approach and philosophy does fit nicely with the ECO theme.

This is the reason why these four cases have the same thickness and overall feel and also share the same price of €25. The texture of the finish on the individual cases does differ to some degree, but OnePlus has definitely opted for a toned-down approach. The wood options have just a slight texture feel and the Karbon is almost entirely smooth.

The faux wood effect is convincing even up close - it kinda reminds of laminate flooring panels - you would know it's not real wood but you wouldn't mind as you acquire more longevity and a uniform finish.

When it comes to choosing a favorite, it's all about personal taste, but going around the team, we mostly agreed that the Bamboo and Rosewood options are a bit tacky unless the occasion demands it. The Black Apricot and Karbon definitely bldiscontinue in better and are more understated.

In terms of thickness, neither case adds too much to the OnePlus 3's girth. Yet, they seem enough to protect the buttons on the sides - they also level out the capturing camera bump on the back almost entirely.

You may have noticed we haven't mentioned the signature OnePlus Sandstone case so far and there is a fine reason for that. The simple respond is that it is just too different from the rest. Unlike those, it does not bear the Evutec logo so we assume it is not made by the same company. In terms of shape and form it is identical, but the material is a bit thicker and more rigid. It is also the only one of the bunch, which manages to raise the back enough to completely match the capturing camera bump.

Best of all, the Sandstone case is currently selling for €20 so it's also the cheapest of the bunch.

If you haven't touched the texture of any of the previous iterations of the OnePlus's Sandstone Black, prepared to be surprised. It's quite like touching real sandpaper. And this feeling has been a rather polarizing topic among our team members. About half of us love it, while the other half loathes touching the materials as it gives them a skin crawling feeling along the spine. Anyway, this comes only to show that it's among the most original textures you can acquire for your phone.

So that's about it for now, create sure you hit us up in the comments to disclose us whether you're getting the OnePlus 3 and which case you like the best.

In the meantime, we're already hard at work on our OnePlus 3 review, so stay tuned, it should be up online by the discontinue of next week.



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