Weekly Poll: Samsung Galaxy S7 Active, Hot Or Not?

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The Galaxy S7 is a best seller, but is there room for a niche variation? One that has been through boot camp - the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active. The same remarkable screen, chipset and capturing camera are housed in a rough and tough that's much more suitable for a hiking trail or a construction site.

Yes, the base S7 is dust and water resistant, but all that glass on the front and the back will acquire busted quickly if you drop the phone on rocks or naked concrete. This one is MIL-STD-810G

The Galaxy S7 Active adds an invisible layer of polycarbonate over the Gorilla Glass 4 for additional shatter protection. And of course, there's no glass on the back.

Also, "waterproof" doesn't mean you can utilize the classy screen underwater. That's why the Active has a multifunctional button and switches the capacitive keys on the front with hardware buttons - they actually do work when wet.

You also acquire a bigger battery, 4,000mAh, which bumps up the Endurance up from an already remarkable 80h to 96h. With this much juice, you can even afford to enable the Always On classy screen when you venture out into the wilderness for days. Trees have no power sockets, you know. When you do acquire home, you just need half an hour to charge the phone to 37%, so you can rush out again.

Still, the Galaxy S7 Active is an AT&T exclusive and that comes with a lot of bloatware (as if carrier lock-in wasn't poor enough). At least it's not more expensive than the regular S7, but it's definitely chunkier.

Well, what you think? Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active a device that will dominate its niche? Or is it a misfire?

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