Mesuit is An IPhone Battery Case That Runs Android And Has A Second SIM Slot

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With its vast international popularity and tendency to stick to a design for two years or so at a time, Apple's iPhone is the perfect canvas for creative accessory design. The general rule is that if you can think it, it probably exists in a shape that you can slap on an iPhone. And amid a seae of silly concepts, like the JoeyBra, Vyne, Knucklecase ot the ToneFone (all of which we urge you to Google), every once in a while an fascinating concept comes along.

This is exactly the case with Mesuit - a recent Chinese-developed case for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. Upon first inspection, it seems to be just another battery extender case and it does do that, adding 1700 mAh on the smaller devices and 2500 mAh on the Plus ones.

However, the real trick is that the case is actually a fully-working mobile device with its own modem and SIM card and it runs an Android-based Mesuit Operating System (OS) 1.0 with an Apus Launcher and access to Android apps. Unlike other similar concepts, like the popSLATE e-ink case, the Mesuit actually uses the iPhone's screen, rather than a second one. This is done only through a connection via the Lightning port and an app.

That definitely sounds impressive, even more so when you consider the case also has 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of memory it can share with the main iOS system. The only real question is how well and fluent the integration works. But, even if the whole second device is isolated to the app alone, it is still an impressive feat.

As already mentioned, the Mesuit case comes in a small model, measuring 160.5 x 70 x 5.5 mm with an asking price of CNY 999 (about $150) and a 180.5 x 80.8 x 5.55 mm one for CNY 1099 ($165). Jijia, the company behind it also announced it is working on an iOS case for Android devices due next year, which sounds even more ambitious.

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