Samsung Details Gear IconX Headphones

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Samsung's latest batch of smart fitness accessories - the Gear Fit 2 and Gear IconX are still fresh on the market. And while the second generation smartband doesn't really need an introduction at this point, the Gear IconX could probably utilize one. Now retailing on six markets outside Korea and counting it seems like a fine concept to elaborate to prospective buyers exactly what the EUR 230 headphones can offer.

A fresh Samsung post from today does just that and in a somewhat prosaic form really does manage to convey the sheer amount of tech goodness that is hidden away in the small earbuds. Here is the quick rundown.

The hefty price tag buys you a case and a total of three eartip sizes. Besides offering protection, the dormer is actually an integral part of the system. It acts like a cradle for data sync and charging. The thing even has an extra battery inside for up to two charges away from a socket. As for the sync part, well the Gear IconX headphones also have a memory of their own, 4GB, to be exact, which you can fill up with tracks to listen to with no other device or connection required. And since the two earpieces seem to be absolutely separate, with neither really claiming to be the main one, we kind of have to wonder what is going on behind the scenes and not just with music playback.

The pair actually detect if and when you are wearing both. This is done through some Bluetooth magic in combination with a heartrate sensor in both that can sense the pulse from your ear. This information is also central to the fitness tracking functionality of the Gear IconX. Currently, the headphones support and automatically detect Running and Walking and offer helpful voice readouts every once in a while on how long you have been working out, how far you have traveled and how many calories you have burned. Naturally, all this is also transfered to a synced handset and the S health app.

Additionally, you acquire notifications for messages when wearing the device. Either of the earbuds can also be used to accept voice calls. This is done by tapping on the touch-sensitive side panel of the unit. Oh and did we mention there are other useful gestures as well. Taping once will star music playback, after which you can tap twice for next and three times for previous song. Swiping up and down controls the volume, which thanks to the Gear IconX's noise canceling feature shouldn't be necessary to drown out the outside noise.

As already mentioned, the Gear IconX can be picked up in a number of markets, including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Canada, and Australia for EUR 230 or if you live in Korea, only $195.




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