Samsung Galaxy Note7: The Story So Far

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The sixth generation of the phablet that made phablets a thing is coming on August 2, and the Unpacked event can't come soon enough. Named Galaxy Note7, because... marketing, the successor to the Note5 won't be a revolutionary upgrade, but rather a calculated logical step in the correct direction, like the Galaxy S7 was for the S-series earlier this year.

A larger battery (initially rumored to be 4,000mAh, but latest data points to 3,500mAh), waterproofing, ample storage (expandable, too) - the Note7 is addressing chief pain points of the current model. Okay, the IR emitter is likely gone for good, acquire over it.

But there's more - add an iris scanner to the list of key specs, and bring some of those curves from the S7 edge back into the Note line, where they originated with the Galaxy Note Edge. If only Samsung had stretched those 5.7 inches to a nice round 6.0.

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