AMD Announces Radeon Pro SSG Video Card With 1TB Of SSD Memory

By 11:01 Wed, 04 Aug 2021 Comments

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) revealed something rather extraordinary today and it's a Radeon Pro Solid State Graphics card (SSG). The recent GPU has two PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots for adding up to 1Tera Bytes (TB) of SSD storage for the GPU to utilize as local cache.

As part of a demo at the company's Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Capsaicin event, AMD's Chief Architect demonstrated the Radeon Pro SSG utilize a pair of 512GB Samsung 950 Pro SSDs. They work in RAID-0 mode in order to provide the maximum amount of bandwidth.

In the demo itself, the company showed that the architecture in the Radeon Pro SSG scrubs an 8K video at a rate of 4GB/s, compared to doing the work on the system SSD, which averaged 900MB/s.

Typically AMD's GPUs would reach a maximum memory of 32GB and this cap inspired the company to seek a solution for more graphic intensive tasks. If you want one, the Radeon Pro SSG will initially be srecent as a development kit for $9,999.




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