Firefox Is Now Smarter On IOS With A New Update

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If you are an iOS user chances are your go to browser is Apple's own Safari. We can't really blame you, since historically, Cupertino's mobile users haven't really been spoiled for choice as far as browsers go and the ones like Firefox, which only made it to the App Store last year have been rather lacking in terms of features.

There is a very fine reason for that - store policies and regulations, namely that Apple only allows third-party browsers that are based on its own WebKit engine in the store. Mozilla finally caved and decided to develop a non Gecko-based browser for iOS last year. But that meant starting at square one in terms of features. Luckily, the latest 5.0 update to assumed browser brings a few much needed features. The highlights include a whole recent menu button that really simplifies the interface and navigation.

In the recent version you can also set your own homepage, instead of always having a blank tab open. You can also add custom search engines. Tab management has been improved as well. There is a button to close all tabs and you can also undo the action afterwards. Last, but not least, iPad Pro users now have the convenience of keyboard shortcuts.

Of course, there are a lot of small improvements under the hood as well and Mozilla claims battery efficiency is much better now. If you are a Firefox fan, then you should definitely give the update a try correct away.

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