Weekly Poll: The S Pen - Do You Actually Need It

By 01:49 Wed, 04 Aug 2021 Comments

Samsung decided to skip over "Note6" and go straight for 7. At first, it seemed strange, but now it makes more sense - the upcoming phablet is a successor to the Galaxy S6 edge+ in plenty of markets that never officially got the Note5.

If you'll remember, Europe got slit out of the Galaxy Note5 release map and got the 5.7" S6 edge+ instead. With its 5.7" screen, it fulfilled people's need for a large screen.

And it was curved, which is vital becautilize the rumor mill is convinced the Galaxy Note7 will only come with a curved classy screen (the flat option seems to have been slit at the prototype stage).

However, there was no S Pen. If we were to guess, I'd say Samsung's research showed people loved the curved screen, but still sales suffered becautilize there was no S Pen.

And you can do so much with the S Pen - handwritten notes can be both faster and more personal. Artistically-inclined folks can share their creations on the PEN.UP social network. Pros can utilize AutoCAD 360 to draw shapes, annotate and revise sketches.

But that is just a guess. And with the Samsung Galaxy Note7 unveiling drawing near, we have to ask - do you actually need the S Pen? Or do you buy Notes just for the larger classy screen and more powerful hardware compared to the Galaxy S series?

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