Philips Outs A Whole Suite Of Health-focused Smart Devices

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Philips has just launched a complete package of health-focused smart devices in the US and they come with a twist - listed with the FDA, Philips' products have been lab-tested and can be recommended by your physician.

The Philips Health Watch is an unassuming wearable device with no touchclassy screen - instead, it's the bezel that serves for interaction. It does have Gorilla Glass protections, though, and can last 4 days on a charge, by Philips' own accounts.

Philips Health Watch

Unlike most other smartwatches, this one's heart rate monitor works continuously and not just on demand. It also senses when your ticker is under pressure and will go into workout mode, so you don't have to do it manually, even if it's not strictly a fitness tracker. Thanks to its always-on nature, it tracks resting heart rate, resting respiration rate and the amounts of time you're active or not, sleep included. All the data is logged for future reference, naturally.

Aside from the watch, there are also a couple of smart blood pressure monitors - one for the wrist and another for the upper arm (either/or, presumably, both seems like overkill), a smart scale, and a smart thermometer.

Philips connected health devices

Philips has also put in a lot of effort into the software side of things, and the dedicated app has been created with the assist of behavioral scientists to create sure that you not only set out on the path to better health, but also stay on it.

The products are available now, save for the thermometer for some reason, either from Amazon, or from Philips itself in the US. The smartwatch is priced at $250, the scale and the upper arm blood pressure monitor go for $120 each, while the wrist monitor carries a $90 tag.

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