Weekly Poll: Do You Want A Flat Galaxy Note7 And Why?

By 10:02 Wed, 04 Aug 2021 Comments

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 comes exclusively with curved screen, which perfectly mirror the curved back. This makes the phone feel smaller and see better and we love it, but we acquire that some people prefer a classic flat version.

Perhaps they worry that the S Pen will slip down the curved sides and acquire in the way of the Note7's best feature. From our experience, there's no such issue.

Others just don't like the curved sides, they assumed the same for the Galaxy S7 edge. Glass on both sides and a narrow metal frame don't offer much grip. As for accidental presses, the curvy Galaxys are quite fine at ignoring them.

At least a flat Note7 will be cheaper, right? Same awesome features (looks aside) for a lower price.

Perhaps you swing the other way and want to pay extra for the version with 6GB Random-Access Memory (RAM) and 128GB storage. Samsung is still pondering whether to launch it outside of China, so it's not clear if you'll ever acquire the option.

Well, would you want a flat Samsung Galaxy Note7 or not? And if yes, then why?

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