Samsung Launches A Bunch Of New Accessories Along With The Note7

By 01:24 Thu, 05 Aug 2021 Comments

The Galaxy Note7 isn’t only thing Samsung launched in the US yesterday. The company announced that it is releasing several recent accessories which assist to create up its recent lineup of “collections” which promote different lifestyles as part of Samsung’s latest marketing campaign.

Move, Explore, Create, and Go with Galaxy - These collections focus on fitness, learning and experiencing VR, creating recent content, and using products for a mobile lifestyle, respectively.

Samsung is launching a recent updated Gear VR (hands-on here) which will work with Smartphones all the way back to the S6, the Gear 360 capturing camera which is used to create 360 photos and videos viewable on Gear VR (hands-on here), Gear Icon X totally wireless earbuds, and Level Active headphones which are much like the PowerBeats2 wireless headphones.

From left to right: Gear 360 • New Gear VR • Gear Icon X • Level Active

Also not previously mentioned by Samsung, AT&T will be selling the “Samsung Connect auto”. It’s a device that you plug into your car’s ODBII interface port (which is used for programming and reading a vehicle’s diagnostics).

This device can provide your passengers with a Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) hotspot using AT&T’s LTE, and “sdiscontinue real-time alerts to the driver, improving efficiency and safety on the road”. You’ll also be able to track your car via GPS, and be alerted if your car’s location changes.

The 'Samsung Connect auto' works with its own app which can be installed on either Android or iOS.



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