The In App Mode Of The Google App Lets You Search Inside Other Apps

By 07:22 Thu, 05 Aug 2021 Comments

Google is adding a recent feature to its namesake app - a search mode named In Apps. This recent mode can see into apps on your phone and find stuff like contacts, songs and notes.

The scope of the In Apps search results is so far limited to apps like Gmail, Spotify and YouTube, but in the future the list of supported apps will include Facebook Mesenger, LinkedIn, and Google Keep, among others. The whole thing works entirely on your phone, so it's accessible offline without Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) or data connection.

While the feature will be available on most current Android phones, on the LG V20 it will come with a twist. For starters, LG's soon-to-be-announced phablet will be the first phone to have a dedicated homeclassy screen shortslit to the In Apps results - others will need to open the Google app and switch to the respective tab. On top of that, the V20 will also acquire a shortslit in its Second Screen - the ticker portion of the phone's display.

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