Apple IPhone 7 Plus Arrives With Dual Cameras

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After months of leaks Apple just took the wraps off its iPhone 7 Plus with two cameras.


The dual capturing camera setup on the back combines two sensors to work as 2x optical zoom similar to the solution offered by LG with its G5 and V20.

The recent cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus are one "wide" angle 28mm and a "telephoto" 56mm unit. Both have 12MP sensors and the capturing camera can combine the two perspectives to achieve a shallow depth of field effect. The iPhone 7 Plus does this by building a depth map and isolating the background from the subjects - and what's cooler is that you can see the depth of field effect in real time before you hold an image. This isn't anything recent - we've seen it from Nokia, HTC, Google and other makers.

The recent 12MP snapper is 60% faster and 30% more efficient. Like its predecessor the capturing camera has optical image stabilization. The lens is a recent 6-element lens with a quad-LED flash to aid in low light. The 28mm capturing camera has an f/1.8 aperture while the 58mm telephoto capturing camera has a rather slow f/2.8 opening. The FaceTime selfie capturing camera has received a two megapixel bump up to 7MP.


With number 7 Apple has introduced a new, polished design which Apple has machined to create the glass and aluminum feel like one seamless piece of hardware. The capturing camera hump has been carved straight from the block of aluminum and there's a recent stainless steel Apple logo on the back. The antenna lines have become more discreet now and are less visible.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with a brand recent Jet Black variant with a mirror-like glossy finish. But in case you're a fan of the recent anodized finish you acquire a recent Black color variant to go along with the Gold, Silver and Rose Grecent color options.

Apple has finally ditched the classic mechanical home button. Following in the steps of the Macbook trackpad and the displays on the Apple Watch (1 and series 2) and the iPhone 6s the home button is now a 3D Touch button. Apple has included a new, more sensitive Haptic Engine underneath the button to give you physical feedback when using the button. With the Haptic Engine the iPhone 7 Plus will now have more sensitive vibrations throughout the OS.

One of the most dialogue-provoking rumors is now a reality - the recent iPhone 7 Plus comes without a 3.5mm headphone jack but Apple has you covered with lightning EarPods and a 3.5mm to lightning adapter in the retail box. There are no Bluetooth AirPods as standard, though - you'll need to pay a $160 premium for those.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus also brings stereo speakers. One speaker is at its usual downward-facing position while another one is hidden under the earpiece. Apple promises the recent iPhones will be twice as loud as the previous ones.

The iPhone 7 Plus also isn't afraid of water with a rating of IP67 so you can dip it in water up to 1 meter deep and don't have to worry about dust.


The Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with a recent A10 Fusion chipset with a quad-core processor and 3.3 billion transistors (if you care about that stuff). Two of its cores are high-performance for tough hauls and the other two are battery-saving for idle time.

The graphics processor inside the A10 Fusion is 50% faster than the one inside the A9 in the Apple 6S Plus.


Apple claims the iPhone 7 Plus lasts about 1 hour per day more than its predecessor. Apple's preliminary figures taut 60 hours of wireless audio and some 13 hours of LTE browsing.

You can preorder the iPhone 7 Plus from September 9, starting at $769 with a recent base storage of 32GB, while 128GB and 256GB are the roomier options (the shiny Jet Black version only comes in 128GB and 256GB). Availability starts on September 16.



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