IPhone 7 And IPhone 7 Plus Go On Pre-order In The 28 Countries

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As promised, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus went on pre-order today. The phones are available in 28 countries through the company's official website, while carriers are rushing to announce their pre-order deals.


Let's start with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus SIM-free pricing. Here is how the pricing in the US, UK and Germany (which matches most of mainland Europe) compares.




iPhone 7 - 32GB




iPhone 7 - 128GB




iPhone 7 - 256GB




iPhone 7 Plus - 32GB




iPhone 7 Plus - 128GB




iPhone 7 Plus - 256GB




Mind you, shipping times vary and a specific color and storage combination might result in weeks of waiting. It will probably only acquire worse as the day progresses so you might want to act quickly.

US carriers

In the US, the iPhone 7 duo will be on offer by all four major carriers - AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. Here's what each of them has to offer you.


AT&T will let you have the 32GB iPhone 7 for 24 monthly installments of $27 on its Installment plan or its Next program. The 7 Plus starts at $32/month.


Verizon's installments plan costs the same - $27/month for the iPhone 7 and $32/month for the 7 Plus. However, with the Big Red you also acquire the option to acquire the phones with a single upfront payment on a two-year contract - that would be $199 for the base iPhone 7 and $319 for the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus.


T-Mobile has an fascinating trade-in offer if you have Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6s or Apple iPhone 6s Plus. The "uncarrier" allows you trade in your phone and acquire $650 in monthly bill credits for a 2-year period.

Alternatively, you could acquire the T-Mobile ONE plan for $70/month and have the iPhone 7 (32GB) for additional $27.09/month for 2 years.


Similarly to T-Mobile, Sprint offers a trade-in an iPhone 6 or newer, or a Samsung Galaxy S7 and a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (in working condition) and acquire a free 32GB iPhone 7.

Other than that the pricing matches that of Verizon - $199 one time payment or $27.04/month in 24 installments.

UK carriers


Vodafone offers the 32GB iPhone 7 with a variety of plans. The entry level plan costs £28/month for two years with an upfront payment of £400. The high-discontinue VodaFone 30GB Red Value Bundle is priced at £58/month an an upfront payment of £30.

The iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) is also offered with the same plans. Prices for the entry-level Standard plan are £32/month with an initial payment of £400. The high-discontinue plan is £63/month and £50 upfront payment.


O2 offers the iPhone 7 (32GB) with 5GB of data with unlimited text and minutes for £59.99 upfront payment and a monthly installment of £50/month for 2 years.

The carrier's ultimate plan gives you 50GB of data with your recent iPhone 7 (32GB) for £59.99 upfront and £80/month.

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