Adblock Plus Will Let Publishers Pay To Show Ads

By 04:31 Thu, 05 Aug 2021 Comments

Adblock Plus has announced the Acceptable Ads initiative, wherein it will let web developers place whitelisted ads on their website, which will then be shown to Adblock Plus users.

The process works by having a marketplace where ad publishers can submit there ads. If they fit Adblock Plus’ guidelines, the ads will be whitelisted. Web developers will then be able to choose these whitelisted ads alongside the ads they normally serve. These whitelisted ads will be shown to those using Adblock Plus.

In this system, ad publishers are still able to reach the millions of people using Adblock Plus and web developers can show some ads instead of none.

As for users, you still have the option of opting out of this system and disable all ads entirely, but you can choose to enable the whitelisting option and view the ads that Adblock Plus deems worthy.

It’s a convoluted system that doesn’t really benefit anyone other than Adblock Plus, since the publishers have to pay them to whitelist their ads. Publishers and therefore web developers still lose revenue due to most of their ads still being blocked. And now users will still see ads even though they have an ad blocker in place (whitelisting has to be disabled separately).

Adblock Plus has created an fascinating solution to the problem it created for publishers and developers in the first place. How ethical this is up for debate.




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