Microsoft Is Still Obsessed With Macs In The Latest Surface Ads

By 05:30 Thu, 05 Aug 2021 Comments

There's comparing your product to the competition and then there's being obsessed with assumed competition. Microsoft seems to be in the latter camp, at least when it comes to its ads for the Surface line. These have generally featured Mac-bashing, and the latest two are no different.

"Surface does more". OK, Microsoft, we acquire it. We'd also like to see less Macs in Microsoft ads, but maybe everyone else is enjoying the air time they get. Who knows.

The second ad isn't devoid of singing either, in case you were wondering. The singing definitely appears to be what's setting apart these two ads from the previous ones. Otherwise, they're both what you'd expect from Microsoft - a Mac (or two) can't do this, but see the Surface can.

So to sum things up: the Surface Pro 4 has a touchscreen, unlike Macs. And the Surface Pro 4 has a detachable keyboard, unlike Macs. Oh, and a pen too.



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