Nokia 7610 Review: Telephony, Messaging

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Telephony: still the same

Nokia 7610 is a triple band (900/1800/1900 MHz) cell phone. Sound is average, not poor and not really good. For the phone book is using shared memory, it's not limited by number of items. You acquire into the phone book by pressing the main control key. You can search pretty fast, just write the initial letters of the name and if there are more possibilities in the selection, utilize the cursor keys to find out the name you want.

Typing a number on the display • dialing number • phone book search

Users can synchronize phone book with Microsoft Outsee or other organizers. In addition to phone numbers, e-mail and post addresses also comments or birthday dates can be stored.

Name detail in the phone book • birthday is not copied in the calendar

Pictures can be assigned to every name and they appear then as an icon in the phone book and with the incoming call. It's possible to assign specific rings to an individual contact or a group; the phone allows you also to utilize groups in order to filter incoming calls in ringing profiles. The options work the same way as by the previous phone models.

Name detail with the assigned picture; it appears on the display with incoming call • callers groups setting • ringing profiles

Nokia 7610 is able to play MID files on 48 channels. It also supports AMR real sounds as well as MP3 songs as a ringing tone.

The phone book has an integrated "Presence" service, a useful feature, which can be bound with the ringing profiles and lets other know when you are on meeting and can not receive calls. Similarly, you can be informed about the status of a person that you are willing to call. But there is a hitch in this feature: it requires support of a mobile operator.

Settings of the Presence service • status information should be displayed here


I did not found serious changes at the messaging service. T9 is traditionally used as by other Nokia smartphones.

Messages menu • incoming message • writing a text message

MMS editor

E-mail browser works the same as by Nokia 6600, supporting various types of attachments.

Email box

Instant messenger is also installed on the phone. As the Presence, it requires support of a mobile operator or other provider.

Internet chat application environment



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