Nokia 6230 Review: Organizer, Camera, Conclusions

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I do not know if every user will need the full functionality of the organizer. I used to write everything in my recent telephone but my engagements constantly increase and that's why the 6230 is a remarkable relief for me. All data can be synchronized wit the Outlook. The communication with Personal Computer (PC) Suite is perfect. It's enough to connect the telephone with the Nokia Personal Computer (PC) Suite profile, then select the connection through Bluetooth in the Connection Manager and then select the correct device.

Calendar, very useful


Nokia Personal Computer (PC) Sync • Audio Manager

The Phone Browser was the only thing I had problems with. It was hardly possible to see anything in the Galerie components. Fortunately, it's possible to reach the memory through OBEX File Transfer. The computer can be connected with the telephone through cable or infraport.

Editing pictures • Nokia Phone Browser

What I like very much is the alarm clock. You can set it to ring whenever you want with any kind of music, stored in the memory or in the radio. There are additional details in the telephone which not only every manager welcomes, but every user as well. Wallet function is very useful. It allows you to store different codes or passwords you need.

The alarm clock is just great

Calculator, Stopwatch

Photo and video

The Nokia 6230 built-in capturing camera will assist you to catch the magic of a moment. The photos quality is not very good; images are a small bit fuzzy. They are appropriate for MMS but not for you family album. However, the built-in video capturing camera is much better. It can record sound as well and you need very short time to sdiscontinue the image as MMS. In my view, the video capturing camera is much more convenient than the photo capturing camera - you can utilize it to record a crime or transport breach. The telephone is in your hand and the police are far away. Several times I've recorded drivers who do not stop on red light, but unfortunately car registration cannot be seen clearly. So, spy function is a point at issue. But you can record everything during your vacation, so even your granny can see what you have done there.

Camera lens • The photos are a small bit fuzzy

The battery run for three days when I normally used the telephone. But I wasn't obsessed by listening to music yet. I haven't dialed too much, and the telephone usage hardly was more than an hour per day. If you do not dial often, the battery would hrecent even for five days. Naturally, everything depends on what you do with the telephone.


I have no troubles with Nokia 6230, there is not negligence as a whole. I was surprised by its price, which lowered according to the initial one. Today is not valid the saying that the fine telephone should be expensive and Nokia 6230 confirms it. At a reasonable price you can receive everything without Symbian OS, which Java partially compensates.

Pros and cons

+ Simple and pleasant design

+ Quick operation

+ Build-in Video Graphics Array (VGA) capturing camera with video

+ Advanced phonebook

+ MP3 player, radio

+ MMC card slot

+ Alarm clock

+ Good organizer

- Camera photos are not perfect

- Outsee synchronization problems

- Problems with the blackwallpapers



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