Siemens C65 Review: Camera, Phonebook, Organizer, Conclusions

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The capturing camera

The integrated capturing camera is a necessary feature for the current mobile phones. Siemens C65 takes pictures in 352x288 pixel resolution only. The capturing camera has digital zoom, brightness and white balance controls and a self timer. The images see fine on the phone display, but miss some details when viewed on the computer screen. With this MMS capable mobile, you can easily capture your life's most memorable moments thanks to the integrated CIF capturing camera and sdiscontinue them to friends using MMS messaging or the infrared port. There is no way to record video clips with Siemens C65.

Pictures taken with Siemens C65.

There are no functional buttons on the side of the phone. On its left side you can see the infra port and a place for a carrying neck strip. On the backside you will find the lense of the integrated capturing camera and a connector for external antenna.

Infrared port • a place for a carrying neck strip • a connector for external antenna


Most of all I was surprised by the Siemens C65's phonebook. It is capable of saving 1000 entries and has a very well developed memory structure. This makes it similar to phonebooks of higher-class models like CX65 and M65. To each number entry in the phonebook, you can add an address, an e-mail, an ICQ number, date of birth etc. You can arrange the entries in groups and set a different ringtone for each group.

A see under the back cover • the SIM-card holder • exchangeable cover shells and button block

If you compare this model with the higher-class phones of Siemens, you will surely notice the lack of capability for reading emails. When you write, you could relay on the T9 predictable text input. The phone features also MMS support. Changing time and date settings is as difficult, as by all other Siemens models.

The connection socket • the loudspeaker

The organizer and extras

Becautilize of the small display dimensions, the calendar has simplified graphics, compared to the higher-class models. It has a monthly, weekly and a daily planning option, as well as variety of alerts reminding you of different happenings on dates. All the saved appointments, meetings and notes can be seen separately - one after the another.

Siemens C 65 offers you a unit converter, a stopwatch, a countdown timer and a capability for saving short text notes. There is also a sound recorder available, which is capable of recording for up to 2 hours! The phone has a Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) 2.0 browser as well, but I haven't tried how it works.

Siemens C65

Yet I have not written anything about the phone's memory. I think it will be enough just to mention that it is 10.3 Mega Bytes (MB) - a respectable amount, considering the class of the phone. You can save a lot of ringtones, images, Java applications, etc.

Pros and cons

+ Very fine price/performance ratio

+ Excellent phonebook

+ 10 Mega Bytes (MB) of memory

- Unattractive menu design

- Low resolution camera, no video

The alternatives

For about the same price you can also consider these phones.

Nokia 3200

Alcatel OT 735i

Philips 535



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